Copywriting to reach your audience​

Writing about your own business is a tough job because your perspective suffers from being too close. Unless you’re hiring professional writers, you’ll be at the mercy of your team doing the work.  Professional copywriters will promise to choose the words for you, getting it right every time to resonate with your audience. Marketing consultants will develop a tone of voice that suits you because they’ll get to know your business and add their knowledge of the industry.

Getting your clients’ feedback as part of writing your case studies helps us understand what matters to them most. Customers are able to describe your business in ways that never before occurred to you, highlighting what they value most. Interviewing your customers helps us develop your tone of voice in a way that puts clients in the centre of what you’re sharing.

At The Case Study Practice, we take a different approach. We talk to your clients before we write a single word.

We explore what stands out: whether it’s your business values, the services you offer or the results you deliver. Then we can write about your business with words that reflect your values while highlighting your customer’s needs. Instead of writing about how great your business is, we utilise customer interviews to communicate why your business matters, and how you positively impact the lives of potential customers.

Those insights help us showcase the *why* at the heart of your business, explain *what* you do in plain English, describe *who* you are as a brand and *how* you help clients achieve their goals.

Finding a copywriting style which suits your brand not only saves hours of edits, comments and changes to the words in your marketing materials, but also ensures you’re saying the right thing to your audience. We’re here to help you to present a consistent style and voice in your marketing, where your clients’ needs are at the centre of everything you share. By choosing the best words, you’ll be more confident when it comes to pitching your products and services and as a result, win more business.

What is copywriting and why does it matter?

Any written message you share from your business, both internally and externally, has the power to attract clients, warm-up potential employees, retain good staff and encourage loyal relationships. For growing businesses, it’s hard for the senior team to check everything and ensure the brand voice is clear. That matters because you need ideal clients to notice you and listen to what you can do for them.

Using professional copywriters helps you achieve consistency, so your written messages sound like they’re coming from one company. In the business-to-business world, your written style must reflect the brand, yet also the personal values of the individual – because people buy from people.

Building trust is imperative.

Our customer-first copywriting method helps you have conversations with those who matter most. Hearing their feedback on the case study interviews enables us to make your tone of voice more congruent with the audiences you want to reach.

 Whether you’re looking for a long term content strategy or help with your day-to-day social media conversations, we can help you build a loyal community.

Types of copywriting

If you’d like support with copywriting about your business, we can help. We write all kinds of copy:

We explore what you want to achieve and your successes – then help you build a content marketing plan to move forward and grow.

Benefits of writing blog articles, newsletters and opinions on social

What should I post on Linkedin for my business?
Does my business need a blog?
How do I come up with content ideas?

The Case Study Practice can help you answer these questions and keep your content flowing.

Blog posts, social posts and email newsletters can: