Digital marketing to share your stories​

Digital marketing — or, in other words, any marketing that happens on the internet, is complex and the opportunities are vast, but it doesn’t need to be intimidating. When you have a series of success stories ready to share, we help you make the most of digital marketing to spread the word and reach your ideal audiences.

Why do I need a digital marketing strategy?​

A digital marketing strategy is essential for your business to stand out in the crowded and oversaturated global marketplace via the world wide web. How do you get your business to show up on Google? How can you implement ads on Facebook? All with digital marketing.

What are some core components of digital marketing?

Digital Marketing mainly includes Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Social Media Optimisation (SMO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM). Because every business is unique, your marketing strategy needs to be bespoke to your organisation and its goals.

By implementing a tailor-made digital marketing strategy into your business, you will have a greater reach online and more exposure to your target audience.

The best digital marketing strategy includes a clear and straightforward plan of how all of your digital marketing campaigns will support your overall goals.

Your digital marketing strategy can include:

What should a digital marketing strategy do?

Digital marketing should drive lead generation and brand awareness through all of the digital channels your business has access to. These consist of paid or free digital channels, including social media, email, display ads, your blog and of course, your website.


Local directories have disappeared in favour of Google. Trade press has made way for online news and communities. That’s why marketing online is so important. Digital marketing online can even enhance your presence at events offline. By utilising social media, you can broadcast your message, while following hashtags to engage with other attendees.

In the past, it was hard to know which of your marketing efforts worked or were worthwhile. If you placed an ad in the newspaper, there was no accurate way of knowing how much new business generated as a result of that ad. You didn’t know how many people saw the ad, or if they read it. With digital marketing, you can see your ROI on almost all of your marketing campaigns. You’ll know how many people clicked on your Facebook ad, how much time they spend on your website and more.

How to manage your digital marketing

Established and growing businesses have so many marketing opportunities online. But if you’ve yet to invest in a digital marketing manager or a content marketing manager, you’re likely to be juggling priorities from month to month.

A digital marketer helps you generate more leads and increase brand awareness and we can step into this role while developing your success stories. Our goal is to help you maximise the return from your content, from case studies to blogs and social posts, to create an effective digital marketing strategy – bringing in the right partners to support directly where needed.