Create your content marketing plan

When you’re busy delivering your products and services, content marketing slips down the list of business priorities. But the benefits of sharing good quality, helpful content with your clients and ideal prospects far outweigh the efforts. We’re here to help you to create a content marketing plan where your clients’ needs are at the centre of everything you share. And by planning the content you want to share in advance, it becomes easy to create more content more frequently.

Reasons to plan, create and share marketing content:

To answer all the frequently asked questions your clients may have when they’re using your software or services – saving time/money on client service enquiries.

To attract a greater volume of search engine traffic to your website – enabling you to track the sources and impact via Google Analytics.

To overcome objections or concerns about using your products and services – making it clear you understand and solve your clients’ problems.

To provide case studies about how your products, services and processes are used by others – building trust with potential clients.

To reach new audiences on a variety of online platforms, social media and news sites – raising awareness of your brand.

To engage your ideal clients with helpful information – informing their choices of products and services to solve their challenges.

To reassure potential clients of your continuous and unwavering presence, supporting their purchase decision.

Why consistency matters with content marketing

Forward planning a series of content enables you to decide on a regular schedule for sharing content and stick to it. Yet we realise it can be a full-time job to find topics, develop stories, create content, and write news articles. We support you to be consistent because content builds your reputation over time. With consistency, you can grow your following and your community will experience:

Consistent attitudes and values in the content, reflecting your brand in a positive light.​

Engaging information, helping them to overcome areas of uncertainty or periods of change in their technical setup.

Authentic personalities behind your brand, enhancing the trust – because people buy from people.

Content planning workshops

Plan three months of content in a 3-4 hours session, looking at themes which will appeal to your audiences and fit with your brand values. Save time with our trusted process to help plan:

Content planning review

A shorter session is available to review your thoughts for content plans, looking at your ideal audiences, strengths and opportunities for sharing more. We review how to engage by sharing content on the platforms which will reach your clients and prospects. In 2 hours, we will cover:

Drop-in content planning clinic – Bristol

Come and see us at Desklodge in Bristol; up 45 minutes to talk through how well your About Us page on your website attracts the people you want to reach. We’ll get you started with some ideas for making an impact with your audience, so your brand values shine through in your content and marketing messages.