We turn customer success stories into business-winning and lead-generating content

You have loyal clients who love your business

We turn those customer success stories into business-winning and lead-generating content

Do you have loyal clients and steady sales? But not enough time to write your own client success stories, blogs, emails & social media content?

The Case Study Practice helps established businesses bridge the gap between sales and marketing strategy – turning client successes into powerful business development assets.

We interview clients who love your business and turn that feedback into powerful, useful content to drive leads.

How case studies underpin business development

  • People rely on recommendations before they buy. With 85% of people trusting online reviews, case studies are an influential asset to showcase your business and attract future clients.
  • Listening to your loyal clients is key to generating further growth. Hearing the story direct from your clients enables us to draw out the insights to help you improve and develop what you offer, based on what they say.
  • Then your business can show more empathy towards prospects by sharing content which helps solve their challenges. But it’s easier said than done – you’re lacking time, resource and trained writers.

That’s why we're here to help

We are a team of conversion copywriters, trained sales and marketing professionals who focus on how to generate leads and manage campaigns. Our combined energy goes into producing case studies to help win you more business. And while we support your content marketing, you can focus on delivery for clients and winning more work.

We plan. We research. We interview. We write. We save you time

The Case Study Practice works with you to develop your content marketing strategy, underpinned by great case studies.
Here’s how we do it:

1 Plan

Research is a core principle – we like to check our facts before writing a single word.

We look at who you work well with, where your successes lie, and listen to what your goals are. Our first step is creating a blueprint for your case studies and content marketing. We’ll develop your ideas – to understand your audiences, shape the brand values at the core of your business, review your tone of voice and identify the keywords which will resonate.

2 Write

Professional copywriting is how we attract your audience – using simple yet persuasive words.

With permission, we call your clients to speak with them and hear their views – to write up your business case studies. Our specialist copywriters turn their feedback into compelling success stories, proving the results you achieve. We treat your clients with utmost respect – managing the process through to approval for you to publish the story.

3 Insights

Customer experience matters – their views reflect your strengths.

Throughout the process, we explore your customers’ experience. We listen to in-depth feedback from your clients and share this feedback with you. If you’re ready to transform your business based on what your clients say, we support you by collecting more data and setting up a regular customer satisfaction survey – to generate a flow of insight and more Google Reviews.

4 Share

Creating helpful content only works – if it reaches people where they are.

Once your case studies are ready, we work with you on a plan to share them and spread the word. You’ll be armed with formats for visual social media posts, LinkedIn SlideShare and video content – all designed to attract more traffic and generate leads.

5 Results

Measuring the impact is essential – so you know where to apply more effort or budget.

We help you review and understand your marketing metrics; to show which channel is reaching your ideal audience. If you’re not measuring results already, we can guide you through a series of tests to help you start, figure out what will work for your business, and build from there.

Who we are

We’re a team of sales and marketing professionals, trained to write and create content for our clients who want more business to business conversations and more sales.

Our mission is to encourage honest feedback, help businesses analyse what’s at the heart of their success and realign their energy and values to grow to the next level.

As a collective, we work with reliable partners to support your brand design, website development, search engine optimisation, and lead generation to help you get the best return on your budget for your next campaign. Foremost, we’re honest about what you can expect and what you need to change.

Managing Director
Debra Penrice

Case studies have become my passion because I see how they build trust with prospective clients. They also transform the internal team’s attitude towards the work done for customers, holding a mirror up to show them how good they can be. A positive boost – which everyone needs when work is tough. I love learning about new technologies – and am proud to belong to Bristol’s Women’s Tech Hub and work closely with our software-as-a-service SaaS clients.

Associate Copywriter
Sonya Sikra

After completing her BA in English at the University of Arizona, Sonya began as an in-house copywriter. Her focus on driving sales objectives was proven directing the creative, marketing and sales strategy for a relatively small, overlooked sales program. 12 months later, that ‘small’ sales program generated a 60% customer retention increase, 48% more product orders and $33m in yearly revenue. Sonya is a natural communicator, creative thinker - above all, she solves problems - developing a strong voice for clients on their chosen digital marketing platforms.

The Case Study Practice Bristol copywriter Helen Drane

Associate Copywriter
Helen Drane

Copywriter by day and dance teacher by night, Helen delivers crisp, clearly written copy that connects people, inspires them, and sells. She loves the challenge of weaving facts, figures and feelings into seamlessly flowing stories to engage your audience. With over 20 years’ agency and freelance copywriting experience, she’s written for global giants, sparkly new start-ups, and hundreds of happy clients in between - in the leisure and entertainment, health, education, non-profit, finance and tech sectors.

Customer Success Associate
Chloe Bayfield

With her knowledge of customer experience, business systems and processes, Chloe brings ease to our clients’ Case Study programmes. She is a proofreader and copywriter, who expanded her digital marketing knowledge from running her own business and working in the insurance, healthcare and non-profit sectors. Her intuitive skills naturally compliment her ability to assess, develop and write effective content.


Associate Brand Designer
Ellie Bowie

Ellie is the creative graphic designer behind Eleanor Bowie Design. She works with businesses to help them refine and design their communications. With a passion for clarity and a love of creativity, Ellie will help you nail your message and add a touch of pizazz to your branding and marketing materials!


Associate Brand Designer
Christine Kavanagh

Bringing a brand to life through the creative process, Christine treats graphic design as an opportunity to communicate our clients' talents and strengths. Before founding TONIC Bristol, her design experience came from in-house design for the technology and leisure industries - and working agency-side in TV and Media. Christine's natural style is to go bold and bright, making her clients stand out with a positive, fresh visual identity. [And we love the designs she's created for the launch of The Case Study Practice!]

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