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Why use business case studies?

As a business leader, you know your business inside out. However, when it comes to telling the world, and potential prospects what you do, there’s another perspective that is just as valuable: your clients’ view.

Client success stories bring your services to life. They offer valuable insights into the experience of working with you, providing plenty of juicy content for all your social platforms. And 85% of us rely on recommendations – they build trust.

Let your clients tell the story

Business case studies can benefit any types of business, but they’re needed most when your services are technically complex and hard to explain.

Sharing success stories helps prospective clients understand what you can do for them.

At The Case Study Practice, we love unpicking the nuts and bolts of your offering; finding out why your customers chose you; and creating concise, positive, shareable accounts of your customers’ experiences.

We also love writing business to business marketing content. So while you’re busy serving clients, we keep your marketing flowing. 


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5 reasons to use business case studies

Your business case studies can help you win more clients

Taking your success stories into meetings with prospects will give you the confidence to speak genuinely about the benefits of your services, with the proof to back them up. Using real examples creates greater emotional connection, and having a suite of business case studies to choose from means you can pick the most relevant for the audience you’re meeting. Even with commercial tendering, the success of your pitch depends on how well you connect with the people involved in the buying process. Planning which stories to write is the secret to creating your library of powerful sales assets.

Business case studies = Great content

Business case studies are excellent cornerstone content for blogs, videos or vlogs, LinkedIn and other social media posts, and starting conversations. Important note: they get boring if you’re always posting from the perspective of celebrating your own success. Think about the readers when you share your case studies. What’s in it for them?

Your business case studies can grow your reputation

In every business case study, we focus on how you solve your customers’ problems and add value to their business or life. We start by clearly explaining the problem; anyone who can relate to it will want to read the full story to find out how you could help them. And if a story is interesting for the local press or online media, get it out there to spread the word.

Your business case studies celebrate success

Case studies are a positive way to share your business achievements with your team, boosting their motivation by truly showing the company culture and values. They prove how your business helps and what an amazing job your people are doing. Success breeds success when you share stories internally.

Your business case studies give you helpful insights

Clients don’t use the same words as you do to describe your business, so having case studies written for you offers the opportunity to explore how they feel and what they say. This can help you develop your tone and style. However, with frank client feedback coming from case study interviews, you may need to support your team when the feedback isn’t all rosy. Plus, there’s the all-important question of how likely your customers are to refer you to others and their reasons for it. This gives you the opportunity to create better marketing blogs, videos and social content to attract more of your ideal clients – linking back to your business case studies.

The Case Study Practice puts your clients at the heart of your marketing. Get in touch to find out how we do it and how it can benefit your business.

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